Our 2014 courses:


Motor Function & Movement Patterns : A Pilates exercise treatment, prevention and rehab approach 

(Only open to Physios, Bios, Dance teachers with 5 or more years’ experience)

Accreditation:   CPD approved (85 points) and Pilates mat qualification on examination

The aim of the course is to empower the student to teach his/her client to achieve, improve and enhance their motor competence as far as possible. The curriculum focuses on the analysis of movement and movement patterns, assessment of movement dysfunctions and improvement and retraining of functional postural control and awareness.

 The use of stability strategies and exercises, as well as Pilates exercises are incorporated at the different levels of functional retraining and prevention of injuries.


Part time on 7 weekend units, 1 unit per weekend per month for 7 months

  •  Tutor contact time: Individual time with instructor for questions and help with assignments / discussions etc (20 hours for the entire course)
  • Observation: Watching DVDs, classes at approved studios, practices etc.
  • Teaching: Working with and teaching your clients in clinical / practice situations in your own time.
  • Training: Time you spend doing classes and practicing on your own with a friend or  DVD         




“Very interesting and so well linked to Physio”


“Everything is explained clearly and thoroughly”


“Very thorough course. Content very extensive – learned a lot. I like thinking out of the box”

“Learnt a lot from this course. Added much value to my OMT course.


Basic Pilates Mat Course for fitness and personal trainers 

Course outline

  •  Anatomy  &   Practical Pilates Mat Basic to essential level
  •  Assessment Strategies
  •  Modification/Contra-indications/Sports specific exercise
  •  Programming/Progression/Ethics

Duration: 6 Units over 6 months




Healthy Living Education also offers the following:

  • Pilates Reformer Course
  • Advanced Pilates Mat Course

Workshops for health + fitness professionals:

  • Postural  and movement assessment
  • Physio Ball and Band
  • Pregnancy
  • Balance block
  • Roller
  • Small equipment
  • Pilates  for golfers
  • Flexibility and Extensibility

Some background on Healthy Living’s courses

Our courses are well researched to incorporate the latest evidence-based studies and research that have been done in the fields of movement and retraining of function. To ensure consistent high quality of education, the courses are updated and accredited on a yearly basis.  The courses meet the needs of both fitness professionals and health professionals. Courses for health professionals are accredited for CPD points, while the courses for fitness professionals  are in the process of being accredited by CATHSSETA and will be in line with REPSSA specifications, which means that our students will have an accredited SA course behind their names and will be able to teach abroad if the student registers with REPSSA.

 Our courses are:

  • Evidence based- academic and practical
  • University approved – CPD recognition and in the process of being SAQA accredited
  • Practical course with enough time offered to students to practice the practical skills
  • Detailed and well-illustrated manuals
  • Presented by qualified and CPD approved presenters
  • Based on modern exercise principles, including contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.
  • Focused on knowledge of anatomy, movement and exercises and adapting sessions for individual needs
  • Value for money
  • Complimentary to other therapeutic philosophies and approaches

For Pilates courses a NQF level 4 is required, but previous studies  in  fitness and/or movement science will be to the student’s advantage. The use of stability strategies and exercises, as well as Pilates exercises are incorporated at the different levels of functional retraining.

For further info contact Colette de Vries: 084 088 4868 or email: colette@paarlpilates.co.za