About The Healthy Living Education Company

Healthy Living Education (HLE) was founded by Gerda Miller (physiotherapist) in 2003 to develop, promote and integrate the use of exercise therapy in the clinical practice, rehabilitation field and exercise environment. Colette de Vries (Pilates Trainer) joined HLE in 2004 to develop and present courses and workshops. In 2011 HLE decided to broaden the spectrum of training not only focusing on  the health care professionals, but to also look after the needs of  fitness and Pilates trainers. Courses have been developed and added to cater for the needs of this group. 

The curriculum focuses on the analysis of function and movement patterns, assessment of movement dysfunctions and how to improve and retrain function,  postural control and awareness. The  Healthy Living courses are well researched to incorporate the latest evidence-based studies and research that have been done in the fields of movement and retraining of function.  Stability strategies and exercises, as well as Pilates exercises, are incorporated at the different levels of functional retraining. The courses have a very strong focus on the understanding of the basic and functional anatomy in order to understand movement patterns. To ensure consistent high quality of education the courses are updated and accredited on a yearly basis.  A high quality assessment program for our instructors, to ensure quality teaching,  is also in place.

Links have been made with University of Stellenbosch and the courses for health professionals are CPD approved.
Courses for fitness and health trainers are in the process of being accredited through SAQA..
Gerda Miller, who serves on the SA Pilates Association Board (http://www.sapilatesassociation.org.za/), further ensures that all courses are aligned with current standards in the Pilates and fitness industry.

Physiotherapists, biokineticists, pilates-, fitness trainers with a specific interest in movement, exercise, rehabilitation and postural retraining.